Real-Time Linux driver for the serial port



The aim of rt_com is to provide a easy interface to the serial port hardware from real-time contexts. It provides all needed functionality to communicate with electronic equipment along standard serial lines (or at least we hope so).



Documentation is available with the distribution in various formats (including Portable Document Format (PDF)). You can also look at it right now. Also there is the central Real-Time Linux documentation site.


Sorry, there are several FAQs, but I haven't found time to write them up yet :-( Please check the mailing list archive or the generic Real-Time Linux mailing list archive. You can also look at the SourceForge's rt_com project page.


Release 0.5.5

21. Jan. 2002

Patch by James H. Puttick:

  • Ability to add callback functions
  • Fixes for RTAI 24.x.x.
  • Fix memory problems.
  • Fix rt_com_buff_free.

Release 0.5.4

3. Dec. 2000

Patch by Giuseppe Renoldi:

  • Fix checks in interrupt handler.
  • Optimize usage of TX FIFO.

Release 0.5.3

5. May 2000
  • Bugfix release.
  • Fixed parity validation in setup.
  • Added hardware deconfiguration to ease parallel use of rt_com and Linux´ serial driver.

Release 0.5.2

12. April 2000
  • Bugfix release.

Release 0.5.1

10. March 2000
  • Much improved handshaking, more support functions. Thanks to Roberto Finazzi for providing these enhancements.
  • Better Documentation (rtldoc format)
  • code cleanup

Release 0.4

4. November 1999
  • runs on RT-Linux v1, v2 and RTAI now.
  • first pieces of POSIX support.

Release 0.3

0.3.1 0.3

Release 0.2

Release 0.1

  • first public release.
  • setup as a kernel module.


The rt_com package is distributed with the NMT RT-Linux distribution and with some DIAPM Real Time Application Interface. However, the latest versions can be obtained here or from CRAN. A development snapshot is available as well. When you consider to do some major work ask for a newer snapshot or use anonymous cvs access.


The original code was send to the RT-Linux mailing list by Jens Michaelsen in 1997. Jochen Küpper made it a kernel module and it succesivly evolved into its current status. The main contributors are (in alphabetical order): Michael Barabanov, Roberto Finazzi, Jochen Küpper, Jens Michaelsen, James H. Puttick, Giuseppe Renoldi.

The package is maintained by Jochen Küpper.


Any feedback, bug reports, problems success stories should be send to the rt_com mailing list. Patches should be send there, too.

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